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Veleno SS12

Spring Summer 12 'Veleno'
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MFP Jewellery-Wear concept expresses a subversive perspective towards fashion, where traditional jewellery and pop symbols are distorted and reinterpreted in their forms and meanings, to be conceived as amulets that convey inner strength and beauty.
Once worn, the jewellery pieces become energized and intimate, outweighing time, seasons and trends. They are treaures that keep in theirselves the promise of beauty.
In 'POISON' MFP analyses the symbol of the serpent (lat. serpetem) as it was known in Ancient Egypt and then reinvented in the Seventies. It is the symbol of temptation and fatal attraction to pleasure, otherworldliness, everlasting beauty and of how all things perish and decay. In MFP jewellery the serpent's natural form is stylized in smooth geometric facets with hollowed enameled eyes and reformed into architectural rings, minimalist cuffs and chokers which are studded with real turquoises and gold pyramids 'a la Theda Bara'. It is tribal, luxurious, mysterious and ethereal. Silk ropes are wrapped in chains and charms to create the new updated and summer version of MFP's iconic 'Tubular'. Light, feminine but tough and glamorous at the same time as for the vintage textured chains mixed with snake shaped pendants, sharp studs and turquoise cabochons. The collection includes a Limited Edition series of antique wooden letter presses and quartz to prepare MFP's perfect love potion: add 1 medium glass of mineral water, 1 spoon of sugar, 1 spoon of honey and 9 petals from a red rose.
Combine these ingredients, drink and you'll be loved forever.


Design, Concept, Editing - Maria Francesca Pepe

Photographer - Sarah Piantadosi

Model - Amanda Hendrick