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Tropical Souvenir SS14

Spring Summer 14 'Tropical Souvenir'
(see full lookbook here)  
"MFP SS14 collection re-defines the jewellery's function as a tribal ornament for the modern era."
The inspiration moves from Rousseau botanic paintings to a techno-deco interpretation of the Luxury Jungle. It's a post-modern trip into a wild world populated by tribal graphics, deconstructed animal prints, tropical flowers and blocks of colours. MFP's experimentation develops from statement polished thick gold plated brass and sterling silver, to create true objects of desire. Through the innovative technique of 'sublimation' the metal is traced with the pattern of zebra skin. With a strong Nineties reference. A series of sharp deep black triangles and tribal tattoo-like decorations are enamelled to perfection on engraved rings and cuffs, and changing-coloured varnish creates the effect of a real crocodile leather on the metal surface. 3D banana flowers are studded and worn as earrings, ear-cuffs, midi rings, bracelets, and elegant colliers with a slight vintage feeling. The resulted look is bold, fresh, romantic and delicate at the same time. Gold is set with topaz crystals and military green Labradorite stones, resembling the mantle of a lion and the eyes of a wild tiger. Fringes made of chains and leather strips define the new body jewellery, and the techno-ethnic inspired cuffs. Fuchsia and black encrusted Swarovski are paired with white pearls adding a very chic and feminine touch to the mix. The jaws of a hungry lion are engraved as a new symbol of strength and freedom, which are the values this collection is dedicated to.

Concept, Design, Editing - Maria Francesca Pepe
Photographer - Kim Jakobsen To
Stylist - Pandora Lennard
Model - Claire Collins @IMG
Lewis Chesson-Grieve @Nevs
Make up - Kate Lindsey
Hair - Nicole Kahlani @TheBookAgency
Nails - Jamie Nunn & Sue Kemp @NailsOnDemand
Still Life - Chris Ayres

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