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Fortuna FW 11/12


Fall Winter 11/12 'Fortuna' 
(see full lookbook here)
Maria Francesca Pepe 's FW 11-12 accessories are amulets. Objects of magical meaning and of inner strength. 
A mask hides and reveals at the same time. Eyes are a mirror for the soul. Dali's Surrealism lesson has been learnt. Elements of tribal cultures and remote ceremonials become avant-garde. Horns of ancient idols become alien cyber-punk presence.

There is a subtle Japanese Manga reference in the way these ornaments are conceived almost as toys, their shape tough and ergonomic at the same time. The three headpieces -Idolo, Fauno, Toro- have been forged by hand in resin and carbon steel, then varnished in opalescent acrylics and hand studded with brass and Swarovski hexagonal studs, in the style of Medieval shields and helmets. See through organza bondage masks are hand embroidered with steel, crystals and pearls to create juxtaposed face ornaments. It's MFP jewellery make-up.
A tiara forged in the shape of eyes is reminiscent of the Egyptian cult of RA as well as of the paleo-Christian symbol of God. A multitude of eyes become earrings, rings, and chains. White pearls are linked in chains for an updated romantic version of MFP's signature Jewellery-Wear. The use of leather has become a leitmotif in MFP's glam esthetic: thick equestrian leather is used as a second skin for cuffs and chest ornaments. Long luxury shawls in camel and virgin wool are lined in silk chiffon with borders of shiny Italian calf and secured with MFP exclusive oversized safety pins forged in the shape of letters. Jewellery to write messages. MFP last season's best seller, Ade Ring, is reinvented and becomes 'Ade Lock': a tiny lock can be opened to hang letter pendants, pearls and Swarovski. With a vintage flavor. The punkish use of studs become glamorous and defines the contours of the body-conscious silhouette.
Even MFP iconic Tubulars get studded with brass, pearls and crystals, for an upgraded version of the renaissance ruff. The same mix of tough, pure and glamour is designed for rings and cuffs and for the ironic prints of the jersey range. Modal and silk soft touch Jersey-Wear is printed with pierced and jewellery embellished faces of eternal pop idols such as Rita Hayworth, Betti Davies, James Dean and femme fatal Theda Bara. The peculiar focus on accessories in this collection refers to MFP's Jewellery-Wear path which meets that desire of uniqueness and boldness very well embodied by contemporary icons such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna, who keep representing MFP's fierce look and quirk sense of fashion.
Concept, Design, Editing - Maria Francesca Pepe
Photographer - Ellen Rogers
Stylist - Pandora Lennard
Film - Natalie Spitzer
Model - Alyona