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Can't Buy Me Love FW12/13

Fall Winter 12/13 'Can't Buy Me Love'
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This season Maria has brought sophistication and a feminine glamour touch to her creations. The result is a collection of elegant, easy to wear- yet unique and fabulous Jewellery-Wear. The perfect gift. The colour palette recalls flowers in blossom, symbolizing the promise of newborn love.
Flashy fuchsia varnished heart-shaped pendants are mounted on ornate rose-gold chains and encrusted with amethyst Swarovski crystals and white candied pearls; enhancing each other's magenta qualities and hinting to the latest whimsical and romantic trend. In contrast, matt-lime varnished pointed crosses are combined with tough rhodium and ruthenium studs, set off with grey diamond crystals and black pearls for the bolder lady.
MFP'S characteristic imagery manages to portray the natural pairing of tough and sweet: opposites that attract.

The collection is comprised of a series of stackable rings with pearls, studs and crystals. It features studded bangles and multi band cuffs, which have been hand hammered into a semi-matt sanded texture, resembling translucent silk against the gleaming crystals. Geometric, cross-shaped and oversized sheet metal earrings create a statement, along with a variety of piercings, sleepers and studded hoops, giving the perfect opportunity to play and mix.

Large squared Fifties style chains are studded with octagonal studs and crystals to create future-classic pieces. The collection includes also youthful and versatile pieces at the entry price, such as the studded hair bands and delicate charm pendants found on hoops and chains, that feature the newest of MFP's symbolic hybrid signs: the 'heart-cross'. MFP iconic Tubulars are updated to a lavish perfection, with silk ropes enhanced with studded and Swarovski encrusted tubes and cascading chains. The colours: fuchsia, grey and black. The result: pure chic.
There are tribal and exotic references to the historical Berber jewellery and to vintage Yves Saint Laurent with his Sixties' playful geometry patterns and use of block flashy colours.
The stand out Body-Pieces are pure fun: made of a net of interconnected cutout black leather crosses and 'pop' varnished heart pendants to wear over silk minimal slips or turtleneck knitwear. There are also a studded chain swim-suit, a thong, chains made sexy bras, as well as a selection of harnesses to wear over your top and jeans. One of the highlights of the statement pieces is the long linked cross and heart pendants necklace 'a la Paco Rabanne'.

This collection is one to look out for. It confirms MFP as a brand that continues to define its peculiar and strong signature in the beauty of its details. MFP is made in Italy by experienced artisan's hands that guarantee the highest quality for costume jewellery.
This season also includes a Limited Edition of entirely hand made Silver925 unisex iconic pieces: MFP's motifs are reworked in rhodium, gold and rose gold plated Sterling Silver. Harmonising with the main collection, the metal is worked into with light-catching wire brushed surfaces, while crosses and encased Zircon are knotted to a thin black thread. The result: a unique combination of refined classicism and cool avant garde.



Design, Concept, Editing: Maria Francesca Pepe

Photographer: Kim Jakobsen To 

Stylist: Pandora Lennard 

Model: Stacey Martin

Make Up: Kate Lindsay

Hair: Roxanne Attard

Nails: Jamie Nunn & Sue Kemp @ Nails on Demand

Flower Props: Aurelie Taillefer

Model: Stacey Martin

Still life : Chris Ayres