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Bathing Beauties SS10

Spring Summer 10 'Bathing Beauties' 

This is a new exhibition experience for MFP who has decided for this Spring Summer 2010 to present both her clothing and accessories in their own inspirational environment: the water. The vulnerability of a vintage glamour’s woman is enhanced by the dropping silhouettes and the elegance of the cuts.

Textured silky jacquards resemble the waiving of water and the light's fragments that it reflects. The deep turquoise of a swimming pool fades into the pale greenish beige of the sea at the twilight, mixing artificial with natural references. The jewellery surface look like skin of shiny water creatures and is positioned by contrast against the deep shiny black and the gold in an art nouveau aesthetic reference. Pleated "fin-like" brass cuffs and plaques, pointed studs and silver ruffles work as post-punk contours of MFP' s sharp and minimal silhouettes.

MFP's signature geometric shapes fall down into liquid volumes, as they were wet, referencing the lightness of ERTE’s drawings in the late Twenties and the fluidity of Forties dancer Esther Williams’s movements. Smooth leather biker jackets are proposed also in luxurious fabrics whilst black moiré' jacquard is the new denim for skinny jeans, shorts and slender jackets. Extra long chains run through the pencil dresses redefining the shapes in a illusionistic play.

The classic MFP Tubulars are reinvented with a diamond-encrusted effect that makes them shine like crystals matching with black varnish and polished silver. Headbands inspired by swim caps are covered by crystals or silver plaques and worn as earrings. The shoes are totally flat and ergonomic like diving footwear. They are made in stretchy lame’ and leather with a metal point to make them precious as jewels.

DESIGN, CONCEPT, EDITING – Maria Francesca Pepe
STYLING – Francesca Burns
MODEL – Portia Freeman, Georgia Frost, Lilah Parson
MAKE UP – Danielle Kahlani @ The Book Agency
HAIR – Alexandra Brownsell