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Amor Los Une SS11

Spring Summer 11 'Amor Los Une'
(see full lookbook here)
Amor Los Une is a collection of fashion jewellery and ready to wear inspired by passion.
The script 'amor los une' comes from original sixteen century jewellery engravings that lovers would share to promise each other love after death. The same script is carved on MFP double rings, bangles and chokers surrounded by Swarovski. There is a strong but almost unconscious reference to the exotic and tough iconography of artist Frida Kahlo and her sense of pain as a consistent part of her soul: a trait she turned into an art form and integral to her life.
Facing death becomes a point of strength and the fear of darkness is exceeded.
It's an imaginary world occupied by skeletons, weird animals, bones, flames and sudden sparkles - Evoking an almost touchable quality. The symbolism of the 'heart' in the romantic era is a recurrent element in the collection, apparent in prints and jewellery. You can see it beating through the ribcage.
Photo-etched elements are treated as 3D using specific plating techniques that enhance the depth of the carving, recreating a vintage look.
A multitude of chains are linked and soldered together to create 'skeletons' of dresses, trousers, collars, tops and bras to wear over undergarments, from jackets to dresses, in light silk crepe chiffon, silk and polyamide shiny jacquards and linings.
Gros-grain studded tapes hold draping chains to create a luxury texture against the minimal silhouettes.

The result is a fresh, innovative, contemporary deconstructed tailoring. The ready to wear is sober and chic. It's the Jewellery that 'makes the outfit' in MFP world. MFP has successfully completed her process to create that new avant-garde approach to accessory: 'jewellery-wear'. The colours fade from black to bronze, with sudden accents of more acid colours in the prints for the jersey-wear, which resembles the animated world of creatures and hidden colours in Maria's dreams. The use of crystals and figurative elements is not only decorative but also symbolic.
It's this mixing of meanings that makes each piece magic and unique.
DESIGN, CONCEPT, EDITING – Maria Francesca Pepe
STYLING – Pandora Lennard
MODEL – Lilah Parson