Posted on October 18 2016

Hats, once a necessity for all women, may be returning to the list of must-have accessories...

Cold or Warm weather? The beanie hat is suitable for all kind of temperatures, it depends on the way you style it. Beanies, toboggan cap, knit cap, skullcap, stocking cap, sock caps, ski cap, sipple cap, chook cap, monkey cap, these are all names referring to the same thing: a had-hugging hat easy to wear.

The beanie has got a respectful trend history and a very strong reputation to defends. The early beanie hats in Fashion History were used so commonly in England and Wales, that nearly everyone wore them. In fact, the Cappers Act of 1488 forbade the wearing of caps made outside the country, upon penalty of fine! Nearly 100 years later, there was even an Act of Parliament that required those older than age six to wear this type of hat on Sundays and holidays (excluding some people such as ladies, and when travelling).

There's nothing better than planning the first outfit you're going to wear for a new season. Beanie is the coolest thing you can do this Autumn! Do you remember Rebecca Bloomwood who created an empire behind her "Green Scarf" in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" movie? Sometimes accessories make the difference: this time a warm hat could give you the right dose of comfort, confidence and style you need to go through the coming cold season. It's a solid investment, trust me! :P

The "MFP+Wool And The Gang" FW16 new knitted hats are embellished with pins, piercing charms and little jewels, contrast with chunky Peruvian wool to create an utterly cool range of accessories, that complements MFP’s high-contemporary jewellery range. Shop them on our Online Store today, we really worry about your health!

mfp hat  hat  hat  

Beanies have been spotted during fashion month in the main fashion capitals, worn by trendsetters and bloggers. The model and influencer Cara Delevingne is their best fan, often photographed wearing a colorful hat with so many different outfits from sporty to chic and classic.

cara  cara

We have noticed many variations of this trend...

The Lady-like Way: downplay a classic winter outfit with a funny beanie.

hat  hat

Pom-Pom Mania: the pom-pom represents the perfect Christmas fad storm. It somehow strikes the balance between jaunty, upbeat fashion befitting of the season, and yet still looks stylish. Fendi's 2016 bag bug is already mainstream. Ride the pom-pom trend.

pom pom  pom pom fendi

 Gossip Girl style: the most stylish TV series ever must inspire the fashionistas of today. If you are blonde like Serena van der Woodsen, copy this brown beanie. If you feel more rebel, Jenny Humphrey teaches you how to wear it.

blake  jenny

The bigger the better: when it's very cold outside, a huge beanie can save you from freezing!

huge hat  huge hat

Diva Catwalk: style your beanie with a fur coat and a pair of dark sunglasses (it doesn't matter if the sun struggles to appear, attitude is all).

hat  diva hat

Petite trick: the pop star Ariana Grande and the fashion entrepreneur Miroslava Duma (both lovely petite women) know how to look taller without necessarily wearing heels. Use a high beanie to disguise your real height!

ariana  miroslava

Neon Knits: add a bright neon beanie to your black outfit to light up a grey winter day.

hat  neon hat


Written by Rebecca L. Dibenedetto



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