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Posted on August 31 2016

Goodbye with saudade, Rio.

Rio Olympics 2016 were peppy and chaotic and they certainly kept us entertained for the whole of August. Rio was good to Team GB too, as they clinched their best medal haul at an Olympic Games away from home. Great Britain claimed an impressive array of 27 gold medals this Summer. We were so impressed here at MFP, that we even proposed to make August an 'extreme work-out month'. We will leave at your own imagination to figure out how that ended. 

If on this side of the globe, or better this office, there were certainly no newbies to the sports scene, Rio saw a host of new stars making their Olympic debuts for Team GB, along with some more familiar faces fighting for their Gold metals. 

Here’s your essential guide to who set the scene on fire in these past 17 days of sporting action, and the stars of the future for many Games to come

We introduce you our golden girls squad: they are gold medal winners from Great Britain Team, masters in their own sport specialty and lovely girls like us who have a secret passion for fashion and jewels ( that was an assumption, but would you disagree?) ;) 


RIO 2016

She is one of the world’s top dressage riders with her world number one partner Valegro. There are rumours Valegro may retire after Rio and Charlotte herself has said: “It will probably be my last big competition with Valegro and it would be amazing to finish at the top". Her relationship with her horse is so intimate and intense it definitely moves us. She won another gold medal during London 2012 Olympics when British fans gave her energy by screaming, shouting and stamping their feet. Rio was different, but it's a conquer anyway.



She triumphed in Omnium (cycling), plus won a gold medal in team pursuit. Nothing went so easy, she suffers from a stomach condition that occasionally causes her to feel sick following races and training. We are deeply fascinated by how she managed to achieve such a success never mind her minor disability. To us, she is undoubtedly our heroine. Her boyfriend Jason Kenny is a cycling Olympic superstar too, and they got engaged during Rio Games officially becoming the Great Golden Couple! Jason says about Laura: "She reminds me of [former England rugby union player] Jonny Wilkinson, that same dedication, the way nothing will faze her in competition. Off the bike she is a really sweet 20-something. She likes getting dressed up, she dreams of Mulberry bags and Prada shoes. But when her peers are out partying, she is burying herself in training."



She became the first female boxer to win two gold medals. London Olympics definitely changed her life, now she attends primes, red carpet and she had the honor to meet the Queen. Nicola, 33, is still the same young lady who just made boxing history. When you achieve a prestige of this, you do better to take time and relax, and it's what Nicola is going to do after Rio battle. Off the ring, she has admitted that she still has to turn the medal over to her mum for safe keeping. "My mum actually keeps them, she literally takes them off me and hangs them up" a grinning Nicola told Good Morning Britain. Who's the real champion here, Nicola? ;) 



She was introduced to the sport aged 8, by her grandfather Martin Foulkes, who thought of this as a good distraction for her niece who was being reprised for being “naughty” in school. She entered the Flint Taekwondo Club, and it wasn't longer after that her talent showed. She is known as “the headhunter” as she prefers to try to score points from her opponents’ heads rather than bodies: in fact, successful kicks to the head are awarded more points. She uses to call herself 'just a little local girl'. Something you didn't know about Jade Jones? She'd love to star in a martial arts film! C'mon Jade, you can do it!


The MFP FW16 'Gold Tag' pieces are coming soon (next week!) within the capsule 'Bling Ring', with its chunky solid gold bar, ironically engraved with the text 'GOLD' on it, emphasizing an opulent 'all-over-gold' trend. Who better than an Olympic athlete could wear a gold item with simple ease? 

bling ring ring

Written by Rebecca L. Dibenedetto


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