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Posted on September 16 2016

fb the bling ring

Glamour-addiction, obsession with the glitz, that Luxury' brand appeal. This is the story of the band, or better the gang, of seven teens from Los Angeles that, between October 2008 and August 2009 robbed the houses of many celebrities, for a booty of nearly 3 million dollars in clothes and jewellery. Paris Hilton (whose house got robbed many times), Audrina Patridge, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan...these only some names of the long list of celebrities targeted by “The Bling Ring”, as the media addressed the gang. Their strategy was very simple, quite foolproof, and it surprisingly worked every time. They surfed the net to get informed when a celebrity was out of town, then heat the nail on the head! Private security patrols were easily evaded, and doors never locked.


bling ring

But Why?

They were driven by the desire to belong to a restricted elite and, at the same time, obsessed with being noticed for it. This is also why they were easily identified by the police: they used to share on social media their 'heroic' feats and their 'new toys'. An obsession that didn't stop until it was too late.

An occasional Robin Hood good action is pure disillusion, and the names Bonnie and Clyde are dropped, but the flat re-distributive justice that those outlaws represented, fighting landowners and robbing banks, is nowhere to be seen.  

Wild teenagers, enjoying a different party every night, drinking Belvedere like water, and wearing Louboutin heels and Rolex watches, are a different story.

Is it Reality or Wonderland?

Dear MFP Lovers, caution to not take example! We'll make you feel real divas without spending any years in prison (that it's where our story characters are expiating their fashion crime)!

The way MFP sees it...

The MFP FW16 'Bling Ring' Capsule was inspired by this real story, then staged by Sofia Coppola in the homonymous movie, but revisited ironically and paying a distinctive tribute to the idea of 'jewellery' itself. The 'price tag' applied to high-street jewellery becomes a jewel in its own right and its paired with a real zircon sitting on a diamond shaped case.

The Collection launches online today. Get stealing now!...ooops, we meant shopping! 


As with every tale, we shall seek a moral, or a meaning at least...

What is luxury? The concept has never received the good attention to social theory. A luxury product may be characterized by an additional use-value, it is usually scarce, limited in production and highly selectively. In the era of must-have trends, pop-up stores and immediately out of style, in order to create a society status, the use-value becomes a sign-value, based on the idea of what it could provoke in someone else imagination, not what it is useful to. If one buys a luxury product, he becomes invested by the power of possessing a sign that creates a sort of distance from same type products, but extraordinarily different in fact of perception. Consumers want a diversified wardrobe, and for many, this means basics from more mainstream retailers. As a result, the very distinct line between high fashion shoppers and fast-fashion shoppers has become rather grey. 

Luxury is omnipresent, but rare; it is bound to traditions and cultural heritage, but known for its ability to innovate and to set trends. Luxury represents materialistic traits, but is that so true? Social Media are changing this point of view by presenting us a donkey like an horse, and it is not scarce but really mainstream, so that being part of the group stands for the luxury ideal itself. By making no distinction between lifestyle and marketing, social media are seriously investing our life and we become all characters of this new 'Fame' movie, just so close to reality. We are all suffering of "The Bling Ring" dependency about seeing and being seen. We can just enjoy our normal stories trying to become iconic, hoping to not drown in a sea of Gold.

Aladdin's fairy tale teaches how nice and lovely can be a Genius living in a Gold magic lamp; Harry Potter' s adventure teaches how vile can be the elves that protect the Gringoot Bank's gold treasure.

Positive and negative aspects both. Which side do you fight for? 


Written by Rebecca L. Dibenedetto


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