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Posted on October 21 2016

Philipine Ponsar London Fashion Week 2016

Hi MFP Lovers, today we introduce you to our newly arrived Philipine, our Creative and Design intern who has moved from the romantic Paris to the chaotic London to gain some first-hand (or shall we say graphic pen?) industry experience. 

The first charming thing we can say about Philipine is that she is very parisienne, from her striped-tees to her lively personality.  It does not happen that frequently to taste a bit of France everyday at work, from the gratifying smell of hot croissants to the sweet sound of "La vie en rose", our creative intern brought to MFP not only her sweet french accent but mostly a true passion for fashion design and her fine taste. 

Philipine gained her solid background in fashion at the Atelier Chardon Savard, a prestigious school of 'mode francaise', where culture and style mix into an old-school-way to learn about fashion. 

All Parisians have an incredible story to tell... let's start with some questions to ge to know her! 


What is your field and expertise here at MFP? Creative field. Creating visuals for MFP.

What is your favourite colour and how does it affect your workflow? Blue Klein: It is a flowing colour, southing (like water), strong (because blue Klein is kind of an electric color), and refreshing as ice.

What does a typical day look like? A typical day: I wake up, shower, put some already selected clothes from the evening, prepare a cup of coffee, put some music on and surf the web, or read, go on the Tube to work. Work, have lunch, coffee again, and again work. Then go home, put some music on, prepare diner and just relax or read or watch a serie then brush my teeth, shower and go to bed.

A MFP Jewel that represents you is: …and why? "The Bling Ring" Neck cuff. It is simple, circular around the neck, and has two lovely links that go down. Simple, charming, graphic and not over the top. 

Can you describe MFP vision in 3 words? Symbolic, original and graphic

What motivates you best? An enjoyable atmosphere to work in. Friendly people, music and a cup of coffee is the best combo!

What is the most exciting thing about your job? Being able to concretely see the jewels with my own eyes, (touch them), that we were working on on the computer.

Define ‘Jewellery’. An essential accessory to put to life a perfect look.

One strange habit you have at work. Humming or singing at loud along the music that is on without realizing it. Or talking out loud to myself, commenting my work. 

London life in 3 words. Hectic, dreamy, full of wonder.

The expression you use more frequently at work. "WOUTE WOUTE !!" it isn't really an expression but it is something that I say a lot when I've achieved something or completed a piece of work. 

Ask yourself a question and answer it.  "To be or not to be?": that is the question. =D

How do you handle stress? I handle stress pretty well because I am a very down to earth person, most of the time "dans la lune" (my head in the clouds). In stressful time you put some music on and everything is gonna be alright.

How would you describe your personal style? Classic, sometimes graphic and very french style. (Weirdly enough, back in France everyone told me I have a British style. And in London people tell me I have a French one!)

What was the last picture you took with your phone? Sunday at a restaurant: a big cup of ice cream with an oreo on top of it.

What type of music do you listen to at work? Every type of music except Rap.

Glass half full or half empty? Or is the glass just malformed? Always half full.

Who inspires you? Every member of my family.

What’s something you never leave home without? My smile ! =D to be serious I never leave home without a book or a bottle of water and my cell phone.

What superpower would you most like to have? I would like to be able to teleport in time. Mostly in the past.

What do you miss about your French life? And what do you love about your London life? So being french I miss cheese and French wine and the baguettes. As well as my family, close friends and home. 

Favourite lyric from a song or a movie. "I will survive" from Gloria Gaynor's song.
Today for lunch I had... Today for lunch I will most likely have a basket of fresh fruits.
List five things that are on your desk now. A HUGE computer, a track pad, a cup of coffee, a note pad and my cell phone.



Thank you Philipine! :) 


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