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Posted on February 20 2017

Hi MFP Lovers!

Are you ready to live your fairy tale this spring? A second, great capsule for SS17 has just landed online and we are super excited about it! 

Who hasn't dreamed once of living a princess life? No one, right? But what do fairy tales princesses longing for their princes from zillions-feet-high ivory towers have on...Cher from Clueless or the ultimate doll of them all, Barbara Millicent Roberts?

This time around we are all about fantasizing about a villa in 90210, all-pink-everything wardrobes, glittery lipsticks, eye-catching jewellery and shopping sprees on Rodeo Drive. Welcome to your Dolls life!  




But why Beverly Hills? What is it that makes it so dreamy? 

 Oh Bev. Hill! Of course, If you have ever seen the 80s TV series 90210, you know what we mean, and we know that for sure you pictured yourself walking around the streets of the city with the most famous zip code. 

Beverly Hills is among the most glamorous and famous cities in the world. It is known for its “Glamour Era” which began with the construction of the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1921. Did you know that? Stars and celebrities began to flock to the new community, drawn to the elegant lifestyle represented by the hotel. Since then, Beverly Hills established itself as the place to reside for the Hollywood elite. The city started to be characterised by a unique identity and an elegant lifestyle. The ‘80s in Beverly Hills are about a decade of people, decisions and inventions that changed our future. It was 10 years of nonstop glamour, unchecked excess, ruthless ambition and an explosion of absurd fashion.




During those years the city became one of the most glamorous places in the world to live, eat, play and, especially, shop. The Golden Triangle, with Rodeo Drive at its centre, was built and marketed to the rest of the world as the shopping destination of a lifetime. In the 80s, it started to become a place of wealth and beauty. Being a Bev. Hills lady in 80s meant transgression, drama, glamour and luxury. It meant being a head-over-heels in love with the shopping, driving a pink a car and being a part-time model! It meant owing a lot of clothes, accessories and jewelleries. It meant going to parties and posturing as a diva.  

 What's not to love?



The new “Beverly Hills Dolls capsule takes on the iconic elements that made every girl fall in love with Beverly Hills world since a very young age. It embodies just that 80’s glamour and takes hints from the life of an imaginary fashionable and rebellious Beverly Hills Barbie. The collection is all you need to feel like a real “Cali princess”: colourful, playful and captivating. Grab your dolls' essentials today: a pink lipstick charm, stiletto heels hoops and dreamy blue eyes rings! 

If you can’t go back to that 80s Beverly Hills fantasy …well you can wear it! Shop it online from today.




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