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Posted on August 26 2016

'It was only a Kiss'

..say 'The Killers' in a popular sing-along song... but, is it a kiss only a kiss?

MFP answer to such an enigmatic question lies in our brand new Fall Winter 2016 release: The 'Punk Kiss' Collection.

Inspired by the iconic 'Kiss stamp' symbol and such a powerful universal meaning, MFP has created a capsule collection of enamelled rings, bracelets and stone encased necklaces which are girly, cool and rock&roll at the same time.

A kiss is a precious gift. Here at MFP, despite living in the era of social media and disposable-love (and likes), we still believe in that romantic tale about giving a kiss only to your loved one...In all most famous fairy-tales the princess wakes up from her sleeping beauty by the kiss of a courageous (and SEXY) prince, who saves her from the terrible witch (Hey witch, don't be sad we like you too!) ...No powerful enchantment can win the goodness of the True Love's Kiss. Love always triumphs over Evil, and they always 'lived happy ever after'. (now cry).

snow white

Do you understand now how much a Kiss means for entire generations of dreamers like us?

Going back to reality... we can try to give you some 'kiss numbers': the kissing act starts 34 facial muscles, plus those one of the neck, shoulders and back. Talking about an ardent kiss, it can induce 120 heartbeats per minute and burn 6,4 calories per minute. No bad at all. The lips have some of the highest concentrations of nerve endings in the body, when something comes into contact with them a large part of the brain is dedicated processing this feeling. Now with a large section of the brain processing a contact from the person whom is loved, the chemical response of 'it is good to be close to this person' is magnified by the increase in the signal.          

Chemicals don't lie.


We are not so sadly pragmatic though, and we believe in living the dream. MFP is giving You the dream, the desire, and the passion in the form of iconic must-have jewels, worn to invoke positivism and femininity. Check here below some insta-snaps from our Showroom presentation of 'Punk Kiss'




And what's best of some of the most memorable kisses come out of Hollywood, to emphasise even more such a strong energy that surrounds this collection:

Burt Lancaster's famous kiss in the surf with Deborah Kerr in the 1953 film "From Here to Eternity," still ranks as the most memorable of all screen kisses, as rated by entertainment writer Erik Lundegaard. 


Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst ranked second in their upside-down kiss in the 2002 movie "Spider-Man".


Then followed by George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's".


..and Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in the 1990 movie "Ghost."


How many times have you created the wrong scenery behind a kiss?

How many times have you missed to kiss someone you really wanted to?

How many times have you misunderstood the feelings behind a kiss?

How many times did you forget the name of the one you kissed?

How many times you kissed someone who didn't kiss back?

Tell us HOW? WHAT? and WHY? in the Comments below, and email to your address. We will send you some free original MFP Kiss stickers to cheer you up :) 

Finally, you should know that in 'The art of the Kiss' the behaviour scholar Michael Christian describes about 25 ways and variants to kiss. Here a short guide to the most common ways to kiss and their real meanings, kindly proposed by MFP.

– A kiss on the lips means
I love you

– A kiss on the ear means
You are special

– A kiss on the nose means

– A kiss on the cheek means

– A kiss on the forehead means
I comfort you

– Wetting your lips means
Waiting for a kiss

– When she stares at your mouth
Kiss her


In summary: kiss and tell.

xxx, MFP



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