Posted on August 10 2016


Nothing says 'punk' like a group of youngsters in spiky hairstyles, gathering at the corner of a street, pretending the rest of the UK doesn't exist. Sign on your calendar that throughout 2016 London will host gigs, exhibitions and events to commemorate 40 years of punk’s on-going influence through fashion, film, photography, design, literature, and of course music. 

Punk comes from the rebel vision that inhabited  Kings Road to Camden Town in the early 80's, and "it's not yet dead" - as the Scottish band 'The Exploided' name album says. Punk passed to the next generation to evolve and grow. It's commonly known that Camden Town is the origin and heart of Punk culture: it's the neighborhood where on a flight of steps in Stables Market, The Clash band was photographed for its first album cover.


If you want to take part to this exciting dip into the Punk history and trend revival, you can visit the official London Punk anniversary website where, signing in, you won't miss no one of these 'Live fast. Die young' events in all London.

In this way you can be catapulted into the '70s British era, listening to the Sex Pistols with their famous 'Anarchy in the UK', or wearing ripped clothing put together by safety pins while exhibiting a colorful high crest. Maybe the designer Vivienne Westwood could invite you to her punk fashion shows, channeling your inner rebel spirit. 



To prove Punk movement has been and it is currently worldwide active, we could mention the Punk exhibition at the 'Metropolitan Museum of Art' in New York City in 2013, named 'Punk: Chaos to Couture', that analysed Punk tendency under the flash lights of fashion industry and its main characters. The 'New York' Magazine posted its alternate cover (May 6, 2013), featuring Anna Wintour with a purple streak in her hair and a nose ring. The cover was inspired by what Anna could have worn at the annual Met Costume Institute Gala with the troublesome theme of "punk".

Did you know Dolce & Gabbana had a punk fashion period when they designed structured and trash ball dresses? Talking about the unusual use of materials and techniques during the Punk era, we can't forget the iconic Versace dress, that made in one night only Elizabeth Hurley a real diva, beyond Huge Grant's fiancee.. ;)

Ever since, the Punk street-generation has been corrupting the 'Big' of fashion, who had to adapt to the 'Do it yourself' voice and abandon the dreaming fairy-tale style. Have a look to this photo gallery of the MOMA exhibition to learn something new about how Punk gets us overcome our limits, and risk with our personal everyday style.




On other side of the Atlantic Ocean the Afro inspiration combines with Punk attitude to give birth to the so called Afropunk festival that is not in Africa but in Brooklyn, maybe one the most numerous afro-american community. This street style event groups ethnic, grunge, punk and excessive accessory fitting people united just to celebrate life, freedom and the punk itself gate-away to a host of ideas. Punk ideal has often been an unusually progressive arena for women and people of different races and sexuality to feel confident and approved by society. Don't lose this tracking photo gallery that has the power to make you smile and feel happy: click the link and prove it!


...So, not only a short trend, but a way of living and expressing our human-being nature, that really shines. ...There’s the classic studding on jackets, zips, ripped mohair, lather jackets, chains, schoolboy ties and uncle boots. And there’s also an almost visceral growl of having fun at the expense of everything else.

Scream loud against the controlled system.

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you alive.”
Sid Vicious


Written by Rebecca L. Dibenedetto



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