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Posted on August 04 2016

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All the glitters ain't piercing!

So that's the fact, MFP lovers: the new Fall Winter 16 Capsule Collection 'Pierced' is now available if you feel punk, but with a bit of glamorous - as we like at MFP.

MFP brand new design incorporates a true punk inspiration with urban jewellery and body embellishment, so you can enjoy wearing a piercing in a more subtle way. Despite what your grandma says, Punk is not out of time, it's more 'now' than ever; it just went POP!

Just because it's been around for a while  (40 years, to be specific), this doesn't mean it is over and already explored in all its expressions: piercings become bracelets and earrings. They hide their real nature behind a multi piercing plaque, so pierced charms hit the imagination and clip a ear cuff but never your skin. We have found the cure for "piercing illness", without any sort of contraindications or brutal complications above all, because the MFP Jewels are made in 23 karats gold plated brass and are allergy free.

The concept of 'body piercing' is deconstructed into wearable jewels, reconstructed with a pop soul, and reinterpreted into an iconic form of art. Wear them with a dirty blonde little bob-hair style, a pair of combat boots, and you will rock the scene! 


Let me tell you a secret: every designer has got a little agenda where brainstorming ideas and key-words, it's like a preview written look-book. Maria shares with us some pages of her original creative process for 'Pierced' collection. The inspiring leitmotiv is piercing, punk, grunge atmospheres, neon signs, tattoos and rebellion action... Have a look and treasure it!

Pierced diary page


Written by Rebecca L. Dibenedetto


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