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NEW! Discover the SS17 'Lolita' Capsule

Posted on March 07 2017

Hey MFP Lovers!
Last week we saw the launch of our favourite ultra feminine collection … The SS17 ‘Lolita’.
We know you will be wondering...  Why Lolita? What is it all about?
The name of the collection is inspired by the Vladimir Nabokov’s novel. The book is the story of a middle-aged literature professor called Humbert Humbert and a 12-years-old girl  Dolores Haze – known as Lolita – with whom he becomes fixated and sexually involved after he becomes her stepfather.
At MFP we were inspired by Lolita, a seductive girl and with strong femininity, she became the archetype of the sensuality, the pure, natural and young. Lolita with her poetic charm and her innocence reminded us of girlhood and the connection to the fantasies we have when we are a child.
The new collection embodies and reminds us of this dreamy and utopian world. Who can you blame us?
Lolita capsule brings back to life some of the most iconic elements that were part of that secret imaginary world we immersed ourselves in as children! A nostalgic world made of super cute charms in the shape of a doll brush, comb set, bobby pin and princess ring charms. 
Discover the new SS17 'Lolita' capsule and bring out your sensual, seductive, inner princess.  

Lolita   LOLITA    
Words by Francesca Martinelli, MFP Marketing Intern!


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