Posted on February 08 2017



Hey MFP lovers!

It's time for our January portion of Q&A. This time on our spotlight is the Milan-based fashion stylist, Serena Belcastro. Besides her daily work, the ''too cool for school'' Lisbon (that's her Coppola-inspired nickname), she also is a street style photographer, a Metal Magazine contributor, a night-time party girl and a full-time perfume and scents connoisseur. Serena has recently finished working on the 10th edition of the Italian X Factor as a Stylist and Costume Designer assistant. In the past, she also worked with Nike, American Apparel, Guess, Asos, Philip Plein and Dazed & Confused. Not only brilliant in everything she does, but a great person and friend too.

PS: she also a pretty cool Instagram feed, we are obsessed with it. Follow her @serenalisbon

Time to get to know her better! 

  • Name: Serena
  • Nickname:  Lisbon
  • Surname: Belcastro
  • Living in: Milan
  • Would like to live: in LA or Paris
  • Day job: Stylist, photographer, I write sometimes
  • ‘After job’ interests: Clubber, networker, perfume lover
  • Is there any logic in art? Yes, its a logical path leading to freedom of expression
  • Is there any art in logic? Creative thinking and logic go hand in hand
  • Are you team tattoos or team piercing (or none)? Tattoos
  • What was your best “hair-style moment”? My hair-style is always more or less the same, I just change my hair color sometimes: Ive been a brunette, a redhead, but blonde is definitely more me.
  • Define ‘cool’: Chloe Sevigny
  • Define ‘punk’: Careless straightforwardness
  • Define ‘pop’: Loud boldness
  • Define ‘luxury’: Having time to travel and enjoy peaceful moments
  • Define ‘sexy’: Animal magnetism dressed up with irony
  • Define ‘jewellery’: Iconic and classic with a twist
  • Tell us what makes you excited: My job, the seaside, traveling, the warm weather, a beautiful picture and irony.
  • One song you would never listen to with others: I love listening to embarrassing songs with friends, so none.
  • Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow? Today through yesterdays lens, always looking forward to tomorrow.
  • Yes or No? Yes!



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