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MFP - Back to basics 'The Origins'

Posted on August 07 2017

Introducing The Origins', this collection celebrates MFP's signature jewellery making technique, which has been used the past 10 years. 


 With influences from architecture, taking inspiration from large structural designs with repetition and simple lines.





Combined with design ideas from the 20s Art Deco movement, each piece has an assortment of textures, structures and innovative designs. 




Each piece is entirely made by 23k gold plated sheets of brass, cut and engraved in geometric patterns, either linked by hinges or set flat.


The lack of motives, stones or colour has focused the collection on the construction and structural ideas which MFP has been recognised for.



The Origins', designed to be worn in any occasion, dress up or dress down. Each look is easily interchangerable from day to night. This capsule collection can be easily layered or wear one piece on it's own to make a statement.


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