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Posted on July 28 2017

FW17 is a pivotal point for MFP, celebrating 10 years of being in business. We wanted to portray our brand story through a range of capsule collections which embody the development, growth and passion for the brand.
To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we have re-introduced one of our best selling designs which have been chosen from our archive, from SS09. The Chunky tubular design with cuts and ridges gave a new take on the classic hoops, bangle and ring structure; creating premium, avant-garde pieces for the fashion forward.
This range is accompanied by three more collections, the Origins, the Rebirth, the Eternity.
'The Origins' refers to the MFP's signature jewellery making technique. Cut and engraved in geometric patterns, either linked by hinges or set flat.
With influences from architecture and 20s Art Deco designs, each piece has an assortment of textures, structures and innovative designs.
The lack of motives, stones or colour has focused the collection on the construction and structural ideas which MFP has been recognised for. 
'The Rebirth' embodies a new movement for MFP design. Using the traditional symbol of the snake (serpent), which symbolises mysteries of birth and regeneration.
This collection introduces the use of hand carved sterling silver, to create precious vermeil pieces of refined elegance, decorated with fresh water pearls and dark gold plating. 
‘The Eternity’ range remarks this year’s anniversary through the symbol of the scarab, which refers to the concept of infinite renovation through change. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khepri (Rising Sun symbolised by the scarab beetle) renewed the sun every day before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day.
This collection embodies, the art of self-reinvention and expression. Change yourself for just the night or become a new you. 
Each of our collections is made from 23k gold plated brass/silver, with a new tone of gold to represent a new era for MFP. 
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