Posted on December 05 2016

Here at MFP we are always up for a celebration. 

This time we had the honour to be selected by Professor and Curator Alba Cappellieri to be part of the first exhibition ever devoted to the powerful relationship between jewellery and fashion: 'Gioielli Alla Moda'.

Translated in English as 'Fashion Jewellery', 'Gioielli Alla Moda' was showcased earlier this November at the heart of Milan's art and culture, Palazzo Reale. In total, 500 iconic pieces of jewellery, from the early XXth century to modern times, were featured in the exposition, taking us to an exciting journey into the world of jewellery making. Starting from the past and leading us into the future, perhaps the greatest accent of the exhibition was placed on technology and the way it has dramatically changed our society. However, what made a great impression to us, was undoubtedly the way in which Italians always manage to hold together art & technology, creativity & craftsmanship, past and future and this exhibition is a living proof for it!

The display was divided into three main sections: 'jewels for fashion' was dedicated to the main Italian costume jewelers; 'jewels with fashion: dedicated to the major fashion designers and how they paired jewellery with their designs, and lastly 'fashion jewellery'where MFP pieces were also displayed. 

MFP's contemporary vision and avant-garde aesthetics found a perfect match within the exhibition concept. 
In Maria's words:
"Looking through the Archive of my work to choose the pieces to showcase, was a revealing experience. When we received the invitation to participate at this exclusive event, I was honoured as well as inspired. I felt the urge to dig into my past work and breath into it. I believe that, as human being, we are the result of what we do in our life, the choices we make, and the work we produce. Fashion has always been an instinct for me. The way I create jewellery draws naturally from fashion as its main inspiration."
Curious which pieces Maria had picked for the exhibition? Look below x
'The Bling Ring' Tag Ring from the iconic FW16 capsule 'The Bling Ring'
'Tattoo Necklace' from 'Never Is A Promise' FW13 collection
'London Cuff Bracelet' from 'In The City' SS15 Collection
'Wing Arm-Cuff' from FW09 collection



Author: Sofiya Neykova 

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