Posted on April 12 2017

Hey MFP followers, 
We have been working hard the past week to create our imagery for our E-commerce and FW17 Lookbook.It is a special year for us here at MFP, as we are celebrating 10 years of being in business.
The 10th year ANNIVERSARY Fall/Winter '17 Collection is all about Gold: A new shade of darker gold inspired by the bold antique crafts that have lasted time after time.
The collection is defined by three main themes, each one defining a specific moment in the MFP history of these 10 past years.
The Origins • The Rebirth • The Eternity
Each group include various sets that can be mixed and matched together, in the signature 'stacked way' MFP is renown for.
'The Origins' refers to the MFP's signature jewellery making technique. Each piece is entirely made by 23k gold plated sheets of brass, cut and engraved in geometric patterns, either linked by hinges or set flat. The lack of motives, stones or colour is meant to preserve the focus on the construction and structural ideas which MFP has been recognised for, despite any specific seasonal theme or trend of reference.
'The Rebirth' range reflects instead a new transition into the MFP creative approach. Using the traditional symbol of the snake (serpent), which symbolises mysteries of birth and regeneration, this collection introduces the use of hand carved sterling silver, to create precious vermeil pieces of refined elegance, decorated with freshwater pearls and dark gold plating.
‘The Eternity’ range remarks this year’s anniversary through the symbol of the scarab, which refers to the concept of infinite renovation through change. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khepri (rising Sun symbolised by the scarab beetle) renewed the sun every day before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day.
This never ending cycle is materialised into the rotating 23K gold plated brass and enamelled scarab charms.
To give the appropriate backdrop to our collections we have decided to give you a sneak peak into Maria's world, shooting our Lookbook in her own home, giving you an insight into her surroundings and influences. 
Watch this space! We hope you are as excited for FW17, as we are!
We would love to thank the following people for making the shoot happen:
Pandora Lennard - Stylist
Mollie Dendle - Photographer
Karina Kozionova - Model
World's End Nurseries - For letting us use their beautiful garden









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