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FW 2016 Catwalk Trends: Take me to the 80's and back!

Posted on October 18 2016

While in the last few seasons the 70's were in the spotlight of the majority of catwalks, this F/W looks like the 80's are the ''dancing queens'' of the fashion ''dance'' floor. 

 Speaking about inspiration, the 80's is undoubtedly a decade that has a lot to offer. It was the time when youth rebellion reached new heights of creativity and underground sub-cultures become more diverse than ever. There were Punks, Goths, Skinheads, Rude Boys, etc. It was also the decay that gave birth to the underground club scene, which marked the beginning of the gender-bending revolution. Eccentric Londoners as John Galliano and Jonathan Batcave were flocking to Blitz and Taboo nightclubs to watch the performances of the even more eccentric Leigh Bowery and Boy George. The 80's were also the golden age for hip-hop and the golden chain accessory, a must have at the time for both men and women, have become a timeless symbol of loyalty, power and hard-work ever since then.

With the temperatures falling down, from punk goth to rock and roll retro glam, from school girls to club stars, we just can't get enough of the large palette of 80's inspired styles offered this season. Is that time of the year again when we have to say officially GOODBYE to our crop tops, hot pants, cold margaritas.. and say HELLO to the biggest catwalk trends to follow now: 

Punk Goth Rebellion

Although the punk goth trend has never stepped out from the catwalks, this season the focus is more on the jewelry than on the clothes. Big metal or gold-pleated earrings, ear cuffs and the absolute MUST this season the choker make any black outfit look sexy and powerful.  

We recommend: MFP ''punk kiss'' double ear cuff or the ''pierced'' double ear cuff in gold or silver. You can also pair your outfit with MFP 'pierced' ear cuff to get more edgy look.


Pierced and Fierce

Body piercing, the art of body modification, has it roots back in 1500 BC. For centuries African and American tribes, have practiced the trend of creating an opening in the body in which a jewelry can be worn for different spiritual and religious reasons. Although today the piercing is widely spread among Western and Eastern nations and they are numerous reasons for doing such body modification, it is considered to be one of the strongest forms of self-expression. Living in an individualistic society, in which everyone aims to express his personality, ideals and beliefs in various ways, undoubtedly clothing and accessories are one of the most powerful tools of screaming loud to the outside world who you are. Therefore, we are not doubting why body piercing is so popular on the catwalks in the last few seasons. Starting the trend with Givenchy F/W 2015 RTW, this season looks like more and more designers are following it. However, now piercing can be not only made to one's body, but it looks like your clothes can be pierced too!

We recommend: MFP pierced 'rigid' choker to get the ultimate punk goth look, while for those who are always in pace with the latest trends the X Wool and the Gang 'pierced' beanie. 


Back To School

Taking the role of Gucci's new creative director last January, Alessandro Michele managed to quickly position himself as the biggest trend-setter on the fashion scene. This season he brought us back to school by reinventing the 80's school girl trend. 


We recommend: To get the school girl look add some playful accessories to your look as MFP 'punk kiss' charm hoops, while to be a real 80's babe complete your outfit with a charm bracelet as MFP 'Punk Kiss' cuff bracelet with multi-charms.

Chain Me Up

 Finally, you can't go back to the 80's without what?- a gold chain, of course. This winter the gold chain is back and to be 'loyal' to the 80's you just can't make it without it. 

We recommend: MFP X  Caitlin Price chain necklace and statement chain bracelet. If you want to add some disco touch to your look, complete it with MFP X Caitlin Price maxi hoops. 



 Author: Sofiya Neykova 




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