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Posted on March 18 2016

violetta fancies you stylist

Hey MFP Lovers! 

Welcome to the very first MFP Lover Q&A. From this month onward we will be sharing with you the outcomes of our chit-chats with some of our favourite people and MFP' friends and collaborators out there. 

This time, we are presenting you with MFP Lover Violetta Kassapi. Violetta is not only a a very talented and amazingly inspired stylist and creative director with striking style, she is a very lovely human being on the whole, and that's why we love her (and she loves us back!).

Violetta is a freelance stylist, costume designer. The Camden-native has increasingly become a key figure in the London fashion scene over the past few years. She started her career as an assistant at Rankin’s Studio, moving quickly on to work on many important and strongly appreciated projects within the fashion, music and film businesses. Violetta used to be Viper' magazine Fashion Editor and has styled editorials for i-D, Dazed and Hunger amongst the others; she also features collaborations in music videos and films from Major Lazer, Rudimental and MØ. Recently she designed a collection for the youth-driven label Illustrated People as well. Her style is eye-catching, unique and therefore easy to recognise; it is very raw and direct by matching perfectly the typical Londonish urban girly vibe with a bold and distinctive taste.

Read her witty come-backs to our questions below and see some examples of our projects with her at the end of this post! 


Name: Violetta 

Nickname: Lettie, Vee, VV, Lettice  (I could actually go on an on but it gets a bit ridiculous)  

Surname: Fancies You

Born in: London, Royal Free Hospital 

Living in: Camden Town

Would like to live in:  LA for a bit an fleet between any Caribbean island a few times a year ?

Job role: Stylist, Designer, Creative Director

‘After job’ role: I will always be working but as I get older i'd love to teach young people the ropes and help them start up their businesses. 

Is there any logic in art?

Depends what art

Is there any art in logic?

If logic has a pattern then yes

Are you team tattoos or team piercing (or none)?

Growing up in Camden the whole tattoo / piercing thing faded out to me at a young age when we were all going down to the piercing shop after school. It was a bit too easy for us...I love them though. 

What was your best “hair-style moment”?

I think every just-out-of-the-shower moment 

Define ‘cool’: Laid Back 

Define ‘punk’: Camden 

Define ‘pop’: a fruit bowl 

Define ‘luxury’: Liberty's top floor 

Define ‘sexy’: comfortable on the inside 

Define ‘jewellery’: MFP?

Tell us what makes you excited?

Ideas get me so excited, inventions I have never heard of and witty humans. Good energy can get me on a hype and shoes ?

Which question do you ask the most?

Maybe 'When will this invoice be paid?' LOL

One song you would never listen to with others

I can't think. I would never feel a way about listening to a song if I was feeling it 

Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow? 

Today but It's good to have a view of all three 

Yes or No? 

No was my first word

violetta fancies you for illustrated people feat maria francesca pepe

Iris Law wears MFP jewellery for the Violetta Fancies You For Illustrated People Pijama collection campaign.  

MFP jewellery for the Violetta Fancies You For Illustrated People Pijama collection campaign

Iris Law and Charlie Munro wear MFP jewellery for the Violetta Fancies You For Illustrated People Pijama collection campaign.   


Styled by Violetta Fancies You: MO wears a selection of MFP jewellery for the Major Lazer & Dj Snake feat. MO official video of 'Lean On'. 

Styled by Violetta Fancies You: Anne-Marie wears the MFP Spaceship Chocker in the official video for 'Rumour Mill' by Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie and Will Heard.


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