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Posted on March 01 2016


Hey MFP Lovers!
We'd like to take on a journey through the world of "KARMA".
KARMA is a vibrant range of what will surely become some of your favourite MFP jewels. Karma launches today on the MFP Shop, as part of the MFP Spring Summer 2016 Collection: “MAGIC”.


The line sticks to the unique signature of the brand, pieces with geometric, polished and sleek shapes can be mixed together in a playful way so you can have fun creating your own personal wearing style!

It seems MFP has performed a magical spell upon its new range as the creations appear to be sparkling of an enchanting, refreshing and novel light.

There is an undergoing feel of self-discovery, spirituality and emancipation throughout the collection. Esoteric symbols refer to the need for escapism, a concept you have probably become accustomed to as one of the main themes across the MFP collections.

The jewels, far from being solely material possessions, become comfort tools that make us feel good. Inspired by symbolism and ancient esoteric theories, this line attributes to jewellery its primary connotation: the jewels become modern amulets to always keep with you in your everyday life as icons of good fortune, self belief and strength.

The designer experimented with positive symbols like the infinite, the third eye, the fire and the cross. Each symbol represents a specific connotation linked to the pieces: the everlasting life of the soul, unconditional love in letting fears and troubles disappear, shielding from evil and deeper sight, strength and passion, belief and empowering. The skull is also used in the collection but far from being a simply goth symbol, it is interpreted as a reminder of our fearless essence as human beings that allows us to overcome our limits and opens our souls to a spiritual world. Traditional and rituals related signs are translated into a modern pop culture style becoming objects of faith and inner power.

To quote Maria: I wanted to make jewellery that suggested a message of self-belief, as well as memories, protection and love for life. I think we all need to be constantly reminded of that.

“I wanted to stress as well on the need to escape form the limits of fears and worries, because life is about challenges”.

MFP intended Karma in one of its contemporary meanings: Karma is basically energy. One person throws out energy through thoughts, words and actions and it comes back, in time, through other people. Karma is the best teacher, forcing people to face the consequences of their actions and thus improve and refine their behaviour, or suffer if they do not. Even harsh karma, when faced in wisdom, can be the greatest spark for spiritual growth. The conquest of karma lies in intelligent action and unemotional response.

Steve Jobs also once said:“Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life”





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