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Posted on April 18 2016


 Hey MFP Lovers!

As you already know, the MFPxCP exclusive jewellery range has been unveiled for the first time as part of CAITLIN PRICE Fall Winter 2016 show at London Fashion Week on February 20th (See our Show review HERE!)

To celebrate the partnership, MFP ha exclusively interviewed Caitlin for you!


Name Caitlin

Nickname Babes

Surname Price

Born in Chelmsford

Live in London

Would like to live in Always London

Job role Creative director of Caitlin Price

‘After job’ role Party gal.

Is there any logic in art? Art may not be purely rational or logical but it is a process therefore there must always be elements of logic involved in the decision making process.

Is there any art in logic? Scientific logic- no. Creative logical thinking- yes.

Are you team tattoos or team piercing (or none)? Piercings. Never tattoos.

What was your best “hair-style moment”? I loved my long black hair

Define ‘cool’ Not try hard.

Define ‘punk’ Rejection. Punk doesnt exist within Fashion anymore.

Define ‘pop’ Popular

Define ‘luxury’ The ultimate. Aspiration.

Define ‘sexy’ Confidence in the way you choose to present yourself and behave, to me sexy does not depend on the amount of skin on show.

Define ‘jewellery’ Decoration 

Tell us what makes you excited Being with my girls and seeing girls in my clothes.

Which question do you ask the most? What you doing tonight?

One song you would never listen to with others To be fair most of my guilty pleasures usually go down quite well in the studio.

Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow? Depends what day of the week it is!

Yes or No? no

Tell us what you love Summer, my friends and my boyfriend.

Tell us what you hate Working late at night, I'm definitely most productive in the mornings.

What made you feel you needed jewellery to complement your collection? AW16 is going to be my last season with Fashion East and my first runway show. For my last two seasons I have sourced jewellery for my show but now feels like the right time to be adding my own pieces to the range as it is so integral to the collections.

Why MFP? The inspiration for AW16 jewelry came from my secondary school fixation with Tiffany jewelry. On our 16th birthday my friends would all put £10 in to buy each other the ‘please return to tiffany bracelet’ . When it was my turn I changed my mind last minute, got given a different bracelet and regretted it ever since! I love the playful spirit of MFP jewelry and thought working together would be perfect for the idea I had in mind. Im really excited to be launching this collab for AW16.

Pick one colour, one song and one noun to define your FW16 collection: Black, Burial- Near Dark, Night time.

What piece from the MFPxCP collection you’ll want to wear and never take off?The collection is based on the classic ‘Return To Tiffany’ bracelet elements deconstructed and reworked- the heart, the T-bar, the engraved loop and the safety chain. We have personalised the heart- ‘Please return to Caitlin Price London 2016.’ The chains and hearts are blown out of proportion and we have even included a belly chain version! I really love the simple deconstructed T-bar and engraved loop pieces, I like that those pieces feel like personal pieces you could wear everyday.


The MFPXCP jewellery collection drops in stores and online on the MFP Shop this Summer. Get a sneak peak of the collection below and follow Caitlin on Instagram @_caitlin_price 


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  • qin。w: April 27, 2016

    do you have a shop in HongKong? Could you please tell me the shop address. thank u !

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