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Posted on February 22 2016

Hey MFP Lovers!
Being protégé’s of the pioneering initiative ‘Fashion East’, Maria Francesca Pepe and Caitlin Price immediately fell in love with each-others work on introduction. Inspired by their mutual appreciation of ‘tough-luxe’ the pair have united to create an 14 pieces collection which will make its debut at Caitlin’s AW16 showcase as part of Fashion East in February. Influenced by the illustrious Tiffany chain bracelets with its iconic heart plaque hanging from a chunky chain, the statement offering is composed of a double chain choker and bracelets, oversized belly chain, T bar asymmetrical earring set and ring, as well as a charm necklace, sleeper earrings and cocktail ring each featuring the notorious emblem.
Maria has interpreted this archetypal shape ironically, playing with proportions, and occasionally stretching the format and doubling up on the chains. Parts of the original Tiffany T-bar and catch have been replicated for the creation of earrings and rings and deconstructed elements from the bracelet have been used to create charms and a chunky belly chain to be worn as a belt. MFP Creative Director, Maria, says of the inspiration behind the Collection: “Caitlin was almost obsessed with that Tiffany piece, I thought it would have made no sense to try and design something different other than what she truly loves and desires. I see this collection as a celebration of 'desire'. Fashion is about desire. I have enjoyed collaborating with Caitlin. She is so talented and focussed, and I love her world and her aesthetic. I think we have a very similar tendency to base our work on the concept of contrast and irony. I particularly enjoy working with other designers who push me in different directions, but that at the same time allow me to embrace those into my inner world. With simple but smart ideas and a truly felt shared vision, Caitlin has been able to do so”.
Paying further homage to their creative visionaries, each plaque has been engraved with ‘Please return to Caitlin Price - London 2016’. Honing in on their mutual appreciation for a contrasting and ironic aesthetic, this collaboration is the epitome of artificial luxury. The range will be presented to wholesale clients following the Show at the London Showrooms in Paris as a complement to the Caitlin Price’ collection, as well as part of Maria Francesca Pepe’s exhibitions in Milan and Paris with TOMORROW Showrooms. The collection will drop in stores from August/September 2016, as well as MFP’s online shop.
Caitlin Price graduated from the Central Saint Martins MA Fashion Womenswear course in 2013 where she was awarded the Armani Scholarship under the late Professor Louise Wilson. She worked at Christopher Shannon for 3years, until launching her eponymous Womenswear label. Caitlin quickly established herself as a leading visionary in the realm of ruffled tracksuits and luxe sportif style. This Fall Winter CP’s collection will be showcased as part of ‘Fashion East’ collective for the third time.


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