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Posted on February 26 2016


A night to remember. A jewel to treasure.

Hey MFP lovers!

Last January MFP attended the launch dinner of a brand new collaboration between SWAROVSKI and the luxury concept store/worldly famous Firenze's shop and online shopping platform LuisaViaRoma.

The event took place at the stunning Tepidarium Roster in Florence, designed by architect Giacomo Roster in the late 1800s. This otherworldly beautiful space consists of a 650-square-meter “crystal palace” (as it was described by a journalist on “Nazione” in 1880) that was technically meant to be a greenhouse, but in fact was designed to host national and international exhibitions and events. It is proof that wonderful buildings and gardens can coexist, contributing together to the beauty of a city. In such a fantastic location around 150 journalists, bloggers, vloggers, designers, brand partners and instagrammers from all over the world met up to strengthen working relationships and promote new ideas. The meeting is part of FIRENZE4EVER, a bi-annual media conference promoted by LVR, and the collaboration that goes alongside the event will last until February 28th and shall feature many exciting fashion related activities.

MFP’s Creative Director Maria Francesca Pepe was interviewed during the dinner to comment about the brand’s partnership with both LVR and SWAROVSKI over the years.


Luisa's store in Via Roma was also embellished for the occasion, with a pave made of 100.000 original SWAROVSKI crystals which surrounded the outstanding “Crystal Couture Exhibition”: twelve incredible haute couture dresses made by top brands such as Balmain, Antonio Marras, Givency and Peter Pilotto -to name a few. Also part of the special project, was the Limited Edition collection sponsored by SWAROVSKI, which has seen renowned and new design talents producing 39 bespoke creations available at LVR both in store and online. The collective project includes MFP's Limited Edition SWAROVSKI 'CHAKRA' crystals necklace, exclusively conceived and created for the occasion, and available to buy NOW.  To surround the beauty of such vision, ten video artists selected by Sedition Art Gallery London have created video art installations for the store, which have been used as a ever changing background for the static displays.

#Technodreamers has been conceived by the Creative Director of the event Silvano Mangi as true fashion and technology summit, aimed at promoting how tech innovation has both functionally and integrally implemented into fashion. It's a new era at which both LVR and SWAROVSKI have participated in the first line. 

A big Thank You and Well Done goes to LVR Chief Executive Andrea Panconesi and Creative Director Silvano Mangi, whose vision, wiseness and creativity always make FIRENZE4EVER a unique and fulfilling experience to get involved in.

LuisaViaRoma has been supporting MFP from the very start, being one of the visionary retail entities to allow the MFP products to be distributed worldwide on a high scale both online and in store. The liaison with LVR throughout many years and collections has proven to be mutually beneficial and inspiring.

In the same way, SWAROVSKI crystals have also been part of MFP’s world for a long time. Besides the quality of the well known brand, Maria had the chance to use time by time different type of gems flexibly, so to create fresher and more intriguing pieces all over her career long.

Because of all that and more, MFP feels enthusiastic and honoured to be part of this newborn synergy.

The cross segment retail collaboration between SWAROVSKI and LVR includes a new edgy, unique and astonishing piece specifically designed by MFP for the event. The piece consists of a CHAKRA inspired multicolour Swarovski necklace, where each colour represents one of the chakras. It is symbolic of the energy, inner self and potential Maria believes we all have within. The necklace also combines together the values of this great collaboration in one single product: the use of unique SWAROVSKI stones in a fashionable, fun and innovative way that goes with the avant-garde approach typical of LVR. 

Maria’s inspiration focused on showing how playing with the stones, utilising different shapes, colours and contrasty shades, while bringing a new edge and a new light to the classic SWAROVSKI glare, perfectly fitting into LVR’s peculiar and not necessarily mainstream spirit: all in one new original piece. MFP’s CHAKRA necklace totally embodies the main drive of #TechDreamers by adopting a modern attitude towards our everyday more and more tech related life, without losing sight on dreams and magic that continue to exist within us, while driving the world to the next future.

Remembering that science and technology are, to quote the physician Alan Cromer, "the most mysterious, heretic and open-ended ride of humanity."

From left: Silvano Vangi - #TechnoDreamers Creative Director; Valentina Guidi Ottobri - LVR Buyer; Maria Francesca Pepe; a friend


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