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Posted on February 23 2016

Hey MFP Lovers!

MFP will showcase Fall Winter 2016 Jewellery collection 'The Jewellery Shop' to buyers and the press at TOMORROW Showroom during Milan and Paris Fashion Week. SAVE THE DATES !

Via Gaspare Bugatti 9
25th February - 1st March
Rue de Lappe 28
3rd - 9th March

ABOUT Fall Winter 2016 Collection

'The Jewellery Shop'

Following last season's great success of MFP-925, the very first entry-fine jewellery collection entirely made in plated Sterling Silver 925, also Maria Francesca Pepe FW16 collection includes two ranges, the yet brand signature 'Jewellery Wear' in plated brass and the already renown 'newbie' of the MFP family: MFP-925. Each range is divided onto minor themes. 

MFP Jewellery-Wear

Made in 23 karats gold plated brass, this range represents a brand new development of the MFP’s signature designs, and directly refers to punk inspired elements used for urban jewellery and body embellishment.

The range includes three themes:

PIERCED - the concept of ‘body piercing’ is deconstructed and reinterpreted into a multitude of wearable jewels.

PUNK KISS - multi-colour Swarovski crystals & enamelled “kiss- smudge” plaques update the signature MFP’s sleek and sharp shapes into fun, trendy & cool ‘Must Have’ jewels.

CAPSULE-23K - a chunky solid gold bar, ironically engraved with the text ‘GOLD’ on it, becomes the leitmotif to this opulent range of ‘all-over gold’ pieces that will turn heads. The styles are classic yet bold, defining a clever and inspiring new take on understated jewellery.



Made in SIlver 925 and plated with 23k gold or palladium, this range represents the new challenge of MFP into the world of ‘entry-fine’ jewellery. Its contemporary price-point, together with its feminine, directional, elegant, and yet original design appeal, ensures commercial versatility for top-quality products.

The range includes two themes:

THE BLING RING - inspired by Sofia Coppola's story of the teen gang who robbed celebrity mansions in a shallow ode to Hollywood excess, this collection represents a truly ironic and distinctive take on the idea of ‘jewellery’ itself. The ‘price tag’ usually applied by the high street’s dealers onto the jewellery to show its value, becomes a golden charm, and it’s paired with a real zircon sitting on a diamond shaped case, to decorate dainty and delicate pieces of true charm.

SEXY CHARMS - either dangling from a thin chain, or linked to sleeper hoops, this new range of ‘sexy’ charms is a great and smart complement to the rest of the collection. The range features ‘cut out’ pendants spelling cheeky words such as ‘SILVER (when paired to a silver coloured chain!), or ’BABES’ and ‘BOY, and ‘SEXY-BRACELET’. Multi fingers ring-sets with cute letter studs and zircons complete the range. Simple yet original, and with a great price point, these sexy-charms make a great ‘gift’ idea to wear at every occasion.


Stay tuned for the unveiling of the entire collection, Live feed from the Showrooms, exclusive Look Book shooting backstage footage, and more in the upcoming weeks! #MFPLovesYou




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