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Posted on February 19 2016


This is dedicated to all of you out there. The MFP’s Official Blog finally launches today!

Hey MFP Lovers!

We are very and utterly proud to announce the birth of the very first and only MFP Official Blog, entirely dedicated to Maria Francesca Pepe House and its world of jewellery, dreams, romance, avant-garde and pop inspirations. 

As a Brand and a Team, we feel particularly excited to add a fresh and intimate hub to our social-media online presence for you to enjoy digging into. Visualise this Blog as a big room in our dream-home, with all MFP jewellery nicely displayed and some comfy pillows where we can lay down and have a chat, share our thoughts and show you in exclusive newly released products, enlightening all the steps that lead to their creation and blossoming. It won’t be just a page to announce happenings; we want to actually promote communication and dialogue with you bringing the connection with MFP to a deeper level. All your comments, feedbacks, suggestions are going to be more than welcome!

On the MFP Blog you will be able to directly connect with the MFP entire Team and Maria herself, via articles, videos, pics and product reviews.  You will also always find new exciting and useful contents, lot of tips, exclusive info and real time announcements regarding the MFP Brand. We will give you a direct access to our press and sales events, as well as an insider view on our exclusive collaborations with other Brands and Celebrities. You will be able to know all about our bespoke projects, the inspirations behind the designs and its development. All that relates to the MFP’s brand values and expertise! This is your unique opportunity to get an intimate view on Maria Francesca’s own design process, her references, the materials used, the challenges and the manufacturing- up to the final product.

If you are not familiar with MFP yet, you will fall in love.

According to Vogue, Refiner29, Elle and The Editorialist, MFP is The ‘Must-Have’ brand for the Fashion Jewellery Lovers, as well as favourite of Rihanna, Rita and Beyonce. Inspired by sub-cultures, symbolism, western post modern and pop-art references, MFP designs combine sharp and geometric Deco elements with classic goldsmith traditions and avant-garde concepts, offering fashion-forward new exciting styles every season. The MFP jewels are trendsetting, enjoyable and suggestive. MFP is entirely made by Italian artisans, although the being based in London since 2007 it breaths and lives as part of the British avant-garde fashion scene. 

After our brand new website's launch last November, we felt it was just about time to get closer to all our dedicated followers. Our aim is to create a truly both inspired and inspiring MFP community: just like opening up a window to let some fresh air in and out, we’d like to use this space to share the values we sincerely believe in, and the things we are passionate about, by asking you to actively participate. We hope to give to anyone interested in MFP a new tool to feel really involved about what we do, whilst sharing our love, passion, enthusiasm and creative drive.


*Maria would like to send a Special Thank You to the MFP Blog contributors:

Gaia De Siena - MFP Digital Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Nicola Pepe - freelance Copywriter

Francesca Neri - MFP Creative Assistant 

Jessica & Amy - JA Pr London



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