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Posted on February 20 2016

Tonight, there is a New Moon in the MFP Sky. It is a time of magic.


Hey MFP lovers!

We'd like to share with you some thoughts about Maria Francesca Pepe’s newly launched Vermeil* range- Not to miss out! 

Unveiled as part of MFP Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, this first "MFP-925" capsule is entitled: “NEW MOON”.

...Astrologers believe that the day of the New Moon each month is a power day that can be accessed to change or improve your life. Your wishes will come true. The two weeks period after the New Moon is a time to sow seeds that can be later reaped for favourable results. New Moon brings 'birth', 'newness', 'fresh start', and 'increased focus' ..."on the sign and house where the New Moon falls."

Made in sterling silver, and plated either in 23k gold or palladium, the range represents the new challenge of MFP into the world of ‘entry-fine’ jewellery. The house' signature avant-garde creativity is empowered by the use of such precious material which is silver-925. Whilst remaining faithful to its geometric and sleek 'deco' shapes, MFP integrates the use of this malleable material, creating delicate and intricate designs. 'New Moon' creations' main features include vibrant hand-hammered textured crescent moon shaped elements, and a multitude of white and mat grey pearls in contrast, to embellish delicate tubular cuffs and stackable rings, edgy semi-rigid neck cuffs, and cool asymmetric earrings. 

'MFP-925' Collection's new concept is about mixing the signature MFP design appeal with fine jewellery, in a new fashion open to all possible outcomes. The result is ethereal, feminine and dainty vermeil pieces, just come out of your dreams. As all MFP's creations, this range is entirely made in Italy by expert artisans and hand finished to the highest quality standard.

MFP will keep developing the 'MFP-925' concept seasonally, introducing new themes and styles every time. This Collection represents a new experiment for MFP aimed at expanding the Brand’s customer base to sophisticated women that appreciates the MFP's unique freshness and originality, combined with an understated and feminine look. The concept of 'entry fine jewellery' is very much like where the market is moving at the moment. 'MFP-925' opens up to new channels of distribution, embracing both a new product segment and a new designing challenge. It is a new challenge moving towards new references by perceiving the MFP product from a different angle. 

The MFP Collections constantly refer to a variety of pop and sub-culture symbols:  'New Moon' signifies regeneration, a new start, a new phase. That's the perfect epitome of where the 'MFP-925' Collection is aiming to. 

Keep believing, having faith in the possibilities that life offer us sometimes in mysterious ways: that's the message. There is a 'New Moon' in the sky, enlightening us even in the darkest nights. Believe in the future, it's magic. Think NEW MOON.


The new moon, of no importance

lingers behind as the yellow sun glares

and is gone beyond the sea's edge;

earth smokes blue;

the new moon, in cool height above the blushes,

brings a fresh fragrance of heaven to our senses.

By D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930)


When I see the first New moon,

faint in the twilight,

I think of the moth eyebrows

Of a girl I saw only once.

By Yakamochi







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