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Posted on September 23 2016

What is it with humans' fascination with gold anyway? Unconsciously, we are always connecting the concept of  'Gold' with 'good'. Even our everyday life is filled with idioms referencing to the precious metal in a positive way: you are gold, the golden hour, the golden age...but why is that? 
On the other side of this golden coin (see what we did there?) the biting desire for this shiny metal marked Western and Eastern mythology (and history too, at times) with greediness and wars. The story of 'Gold' is the story of how people became intoxicated, obsessed and addicted to a metal that has bewitched kings and conquerors and that still now seduces the young and the elder equally. 
We are all unconditionally obsessed with the concept of 'gold' and its implications, what it stands for, what it could stand for. Are well all still looking for our El Dorado, the lost marvelous golden city? Are we all still trying to capture the small Irish leprechaun at the end of each rainbow, and steal his plot? Would you have eaten the infamous golden apple, renown to have started the Trojan war in Greek Mythology? The myth tells us how such outrageous fruit was given by Paris, Prince of Troy, to Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus and goddess of love and beauty, who in turn allowed Paris to kidnap Helen, the wife of the Greek hero Menelaus, thereby causing the war.  
And what about the myth of the Egyptian Mida King? He turned everything he touched to gold, yes, so lucky of him! Not as much, my friend. His power ended up being a double-wedged weapon: he was left rich and covered in gold, but alone with its golden possession, because he had transformed his loved ones too in solid, cold, gold. :( 
 Cheer up though! These are 'only' myths after all. There is nothing wrong with loving a bit of bling at times ;) Here at MFP, we know well that gold is enchanting, and its shininess is just so tempting.  
We know infinite declination of the yellow metal, but only one of them can make a girl smile: jewels. From the Queen’s Crown to the gold plated brass piercing, from the engagement ring, to the chips fake gold surprise, every girl dreams of gold accessories to be proud of. We don’t know why, but some of us just can’t leave the house without a touch of gold. Today, we introduce you the MFP "23K" selection of gold items. The 'all-over-gold' trend is now ironically interpreted and it is emphasised by a chunky solid gold bar, with the text 'GOLD' on it.
Cover yourself of gold! Shop it now on the MFP Online Store. 


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Lovely MFPLovers, remember you have got a heart of gold and you are as good as gold. Why don’t you wear gold too?


Words by Rebecca Dibenedetto 

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