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Posted on May 27 2016

Hey MFP Lovers!


For this month's Q&A we introduce you to Pandora Lennard, MFP long-time collaborator. Pandora is a Stylist and Fashion Consultant, living and working in East London. In the past, she has worked as a fashion editor for different magazines, such as Tank, Liberty, O:, The Observer’s fashion supplement, and as a fashion director at the magazine Under the Influence. In 2013, she co-founded Anti-Agency, the modelling agency for “people that are too cool to be models”, where models are chosen for their personality, style and talent and not according to the usual criteria. We are very fond of Anti Agency approach to model scouting, indeed a lot of MFP 'faces' are anti-models nonetheless, such as Elizabeth Jane Bishop (face of our FW15 Collection) and Connie Power (SS15). Pandora loves travelling, especially to California. Her dream is to, one day, move to LA permanently. Currently, she is working with numerous brands and artists, especially from the music scene. For the past six years she has been working with us on collection presentations and campaign shoots, adding her vision to that of Maria's to shape every collection visual identity, so we are very proud to think of her as pretty much a team-member :) Read our Q&A below...


Name Pandora 
Surname Lennard
Nickname Pandy  
Living in London


Would like to live in LA

Job role Director Anti-Agency, Stylist, Creative Consultant

‘After job’ role Collector of obscure objects, film fanatic, Elvis Hoarder

Is there any logic in art? To the person making it

Is there any art in logic? Endless

Are you team tattoos or team piercing (or none)? Both..Team tattoo right now

What was your best “hair-style moment”? I had long red hair for ages that people always tell me to go back to! I loved it but it was a phase for me.

Define ‘cool’  To be opinionated, to have conviction, and be unique

Define ‘punk’  To express yourself without caring about other people’s opinion of you 

Define ‘pop’ To indulge yourself

Define ‘luxury’ The things you deserve 

Define ‘sexy’ Unbearable magnetism

Define ‘jewellery’ Ornamental identity

Tell us what makes you excited Other people

Which question do you ask the most?  What time do I need to wake up?

Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow? Yesterday- I’m a nostalgic romantic

Yes or No? Yes and then no


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